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Swedish banknotes, often referred to as “Swedish kronor” or simply “kronor,” are the official currency notes of Sweden. They are issued by Sveriges Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden. Swedish banknotes are known for their vibrant colors and artistic designs that depict various themes related to Swedish culture, heritage, and history.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some general features and denominations of Swedish banknotes:

– Swedish banknotes come in several denominations, including 20 kronor, 50 kronor, 100 kronor, 200 kronor, 500 kronor, and 1,000 kronor. The 100 and 500 kronor notes are commonly used in everyday transactions.

**Design and Color:**
– Each denomination of Swedish banknote has its own unique design and color scheme.
– The 20 kronor note typically features a portrait of the famous Swedish soprano Jenny Lind on the front, and the reverse side displays a musical motif.
– The 50 kronor note may depict the writer and Nobel laureate Selma Lagerlöf on the front, and the reverse side features motifs related to her literary works.
– The 100 kronor note often features the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman on the front, and the reverse side displays a scene from one of his iconic films.
– The 200 kronor note may depict the 18th-century botanist Carl Linnaeus on the front, and the reverse side showcases a botanical motif.
– The 500 kronor note typically features the writer and Nobel laureate Pär Lagerkvist on the front, with motifs related to his literature on the reverse side.
– The 1,000 kronor note often features the famous Swedish diplomat and humanitarian, Raoul Wallenberg, on the front, and the reverse side depicts scenes from his life and work.

**Security Features:**
– Swedish banknotes incorporate advanced security features to deter counterfeiting, including holographic elements, UV ink, watermarks, and security threads.

**Serial Numbers:**
– Each Swedish banknote has a unique serial number for identification and tracking purposes.

**Symbols and Motifs:**
– Swedish banknotes often feature images and symbols representing Swedish achievements in literature, music, cinema, science, and humanitarian efforts.

Please note that the design and security features of Swedish banknotes may change over time. To obtain the most current and detailed information about Swedish banknotes, including any recent design updates or security enhancements, it is advisable to refer to official sources such as Sveriges Riksbank or consult with a financial institution in Sweden.


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